Mizlou is an "Occasional" or "Independent" television network.  Mizlou is engaged in the business of producing television programs, clearing coast-to-coast and/or regional "ad-hoc" networks on which to televise these events and selling them to national sponsors.

Mizlou negotiates for specific events and having secured broadcast rights, produces the programs, clears a national or regional network line-up of TV stations and sells advertising in these programs to various sponsors.  All of these functions are performed "in-house".


Perhaps the name "Independent" is somewhat misleading, for it does imply that the Mizlou network is comprised only of non-network-affiliated TV stations.

Quite to the contrary, a typical Mizlou network line-up consists of a combination of stations affiliated with major networks plus some non-affiliated, or independent, stations.  All Mizlou nationally-televised events guarantee advertisers from 70% to 90% coverage of U.S. TV homes, depending upon the nature of the program (national/regional).  In this respect, Mizlou usually achieves parity vis-à-vis comparable program categories on the major networks!

In short, Mizlou functions exactly like the major networks but on a limited or "occasional" basis.

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